Photos of Erich Kuby

Erich Kuby the actor
Young Erich Kuby

 Erich Kuby playing a German officer
in a movie after the war, of course.
Young Erich Kuby

Missing so far: Photos of Kubys mother and father
and of first wife Edith Kuby-Schumacher (lived 1910-2001). Work in progress.

Old Erich Kuby

Erich Kuby self portrait
Old Erich Kuby, sadder but wiser....

Erich Kuby's self-portrait, presented by his second wife, Susanna Böhme-Kuby.

Erich Kuby with Susanna Böhme-Kuby, Ursuls Kuby, and Helmut Kuby

Erich Kuby with Susanna Böhme-Kuby, Ursula Kuby, and Helmut Kuby